Employee-Focused Company Culture

Nowadays, company culture is basically an employee benefit. The best employees want a culture that is employee focused, flexible and contemporary. The best are only applying for jobs that tie a challenging, rewarding position to a great place to work.

Culture can be defined as the beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company’s employees and management interact and handle outside business transactions.

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Investopedia.com continues to say that while not always explicitly outlined, companies live their culture by being consistent with things like dress code, office setup, treatment of clients and all other daily operations.  Culture also allows employees to know if they will be a good fit within an organization. Culture can be a huge selling point for companies to ensure they are not just hiring a talented individual but retaining their top performers.

This is important because employees search for the best companies to work for and that is typically tied to culture. On fortune.com, the following companies are considered the top 5 best companies to work for:

  1. Google
  2. Acuity Insurance
  3. The Boston Consulting Group
  4. Wegmans Food Markets
  5. Quicken Loans

So, what do these companies have in common? Of course, there are fantastic perks and benefits that come along with the job like health insurance, tuition reimbursement, volunteer opportunities and 401k. However, when describing the companies, the following words were used:

  1. Google: Valued, Respected, Human Being
  2. Acuity: Fun
  3. The Boston Consulting Group: Cares, Work-Life Balance, Communication
  4. Wegmans: Wellness, Family
  5. Quicken: Renewal

Not only were the companies positively described, but they were also rated by their employees on if the company was a great place to work. The lowest score was 94% with the highest being 97% of employees saying the company was great. Incredible!

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Other companies can create cultures to get to this level of engagement and happiness as well. Companies should strive to provide an employees-first culture. A great example of this is The Container Store. They were rated 14th on the fortune.com list, and have really strong ideas on how they got there. The Chairman and CEO, Kip Tindell says, “We start by putting our employees first in everything we do… And don’t forget FUN! Fun is part of the job at The Container Store.”

Culture is a great asset that companies can use to encourage new, talented employees to join their team and also engage their current employee base. Tindell boasts nearly a 10% annual turnover rate, which in the retail arena is extremely impressive. By taking a deep look at what the company has to offer and how it treats its employees, culture is a benefit that a company can create in order to prove its priorities and values to employees.

What’s your company culture?  Let me know in the comment section below.


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