Daylight Saving Time Affects Employees

At 2AM we celebrated daylight saving time by losing an hour of sleep and fast-forwarding that glorious, precious hour. This practice originally began as a way to have more light hours in the evening, so we can be more productive during the day time hours. Which sounds great and I’m sure in the next week most of us will be excited for better weather and brighter evenings, but for today, our bodies will continuously tell us it’s not the time we think it is.

However, daylight saving time does have an effect on humans, which can affect the workplace. Here are a few examples:

  • Employees may be less productive and a little more moody, since “Americans lose 40 minutes of sleep” when we spring forward. Being sleep deprived, can greatly affect “memory, performance and concentration levels.”
  • This can increase work place injuries, which can be a steep cost to employers due to the injury itself or lost time.
  • Also, employees may have a higher use of technology not related to work, or cyberloafing. A study showed “for every hour of interrupted sleep, participants cyberloafed for 20 percent of their assigned task.”
  • Humans are more likely to stray from their diets and healthy life styles. While this may seem like a pro, it does throw employees off their normal routine.
  • Headaches also increase for some people due to the changes in our circadian rhythm.
  • Car crashes and heart attacks have also been seen to increase the day after daylight saving times.

Dollarphotoclub_71971880-760x507Make sure to encourage your employees to overcome this grogginess, get back on track and avoid the negative possibilities of losing an hour of sleep.  In the Good Morning America interview Good Night, Sleep Tight, they review the many reasons why sleep is important and how to ensure you are getting enough of it.  As discussed, exercise is important and can keep us on schedule, but we will want to do this earlier in the day as to avoid it keeping us awake all night.  Also, avoid caffeine late in the afternoon and technology right before bed, so sleep comes regularly.

By getting up and out on Sunday and Monday morning and soaking up the early morning light, it can help us overcome the lack sleep.  Also, as much as we may want to enjoy those evening rays, it’s better to stay in side and keep to our routine. It’s important to remind employees that sleep is important and to take the extra time to give themselves some TLC this week, so the work place can stay productive and to avoid some of the common pitfalls of daylight saving time.

Feeling sleepy this week?  Did you see it impact your workplace?  Let me know in the comment section below.

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