The Employee Opinion Survey


Employee opinion surveys come in all shapes, sizes and lengths, and if used correctly, they can directly affect employee engagement and the culture of the organization.

There are few things a company and HR team can do right in order to collect influential information from their employees:

  1. Think about the questions you really want answered. Questions can be centered on benefits, company culture, senior leadership and job satisfaction. Organizations should steer clear of asking questions that they can’t formulate an answer to. For example, I have great friends at work.
  2. Ensure participation through incentives. While not all employees will want, or even be willing, to take the employee survey, it’s a good idea to incentivize participation. This makes it fun and shows the employees that the company is so committed to the feedback that they will shell out a gift card, early out or sweet treat. This site has great ways to boost participation including having the option of anonymity or having pulse surveys.
  3. Do What You Say You Will Do. If the company promises real action based on the results, managers have to follow-through. All of this genuine information has just been collected; don’t just let it sit there until the next survey. Each manager should be tasked with the responsibility to improve their departments throughout the next year and to write down the goals, strategies and tactics on how to get there. If employees feel like their feedback doesn’t matter, they definitely won’t take the survey again.
  4. Remember, all feedback is good feedback. Read a comment or see a score that makes you cringe? That is a GOOD thing! Organizations should be begging for honest, open feedback, as this will only improve the culture as long as number 3 is followed. If all answers come back positive, I would be extremely suspicious of what was actually happening in the departments and throughout the organization. No company is perfect (not even the best), so remember to take the good with the bad and then make a difference.
  5. It’s just one of many tools. Organizations need to remember that the survey is not a catchall, with the hopes that it will cure the company of any cultural issues it may have. It’s simply one way to ask for feedback that should be used in conjunction with a number of other options.

Employee opinion surveys can really help leaders and companies create the culture and level of employee engagement they want, but the survey results have to be reviewed and used in order to better the organization.

Does your company have an employee opinion survey? How does it impact its workers? Let me know in the comment section below.

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