AI in HR

Everything is slowly gravitating toward becoming automated or processed by robots. Kiosks are replacing clerks, computers are becoming stronger and faster, and humans will soon need to think about how they will work in a world with artificial intelligence.

Technology is currently attacking the industries that are less customer-oriented, but how will HR function when robots take the human out of human resources? Will humans no longer need to work in HR?

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While there are pros and cons for AI in the workplace, Human Resources is people-centered. From training to recruitment to engagement, everything is tied to employees; however, I believe almost all jobs run the danger of being affected, or possibly even eliminated, by technology… Eventually.

Once our culture completely shifts to a technology-based system with less focus on customer service, HR will be required to complete the shift as well in order to use AI. Here’s what I think will happen in the three main areas of HR:

Training:  Robots can have access to an immense amount of information immediately and can actually learn through a variety of systems. Also, there isn’t much difference between an in-person facilitation and a computer based training.

Recruitment: AI can already be used in recruiting in order to screen applications and increase productivity for recruiters. If robots can be taught to pick the right application repeatedly, then there may be only a need for one interview with a hiring manager, if that. Also, in a world with social media, readers could be used to find the right candidates who use networking sites.

Employee Relations: While coaching conversations seem to have to be completed by humans, it could be possible that a robot could facilitate a conversation based on previous situations. If AI is able to piece together past experiences, it could come to a solid conclusion of how to handle the situation. This may even hold up against lawsuits since there would be no tie to emotional or irrational decisions.

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HR is about connecting with employees, but if a robot can provide those types of emotions and relationships then it’s possible that HR positions could be filled with AI.

While I’m not extremely thrilled about this idea nor do I think it will happen with any great speed, I think every department should be ready for AI.  I hope that humans will be able to work along side of AI without being complete replaced.

While efficiency, effectiveness and profits are important, what happens when the jobs run out? Let me know in the comments below.


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