My purpose is to encourage team members to exceed their potential. By being well rounded in the field of Human Resources, I am able to fuel my passion of helping others succeed on a daily basis. I look forward to spreading positivity and encouraging teamwork through my current knowledge and continuously focusing on self-development.

I have worked in Human Resources for more than five years and am currently a Senior Training Specialist. My training skills and public speaking abilities have improved incredibly as I started the position with no prior experience. I am always looking for challenges and was given the opportunity early in my career to open new properties within my organization by facilitating training courses for more than 100 team members. I offer leadership trainings within the organization, regularly create original trainings and encourage team building through multiple outlets. As recognition for my dedication to teamwork and reliability, I was awarded two Chairman’s Awards, which is the highest recognition in the following areas: Superior Team – property winner and Celebrating Success – property and regional winner.

In order to increase my aptitude in my field, I have had the opportunity to gain knowledge in the areas of general HR skills, employee benefits programs and employment law. I am also gaining skills in employee relations in order to enhance my HR knowledge. I look forward to continuing my career as an enthusiastic, driven and flexible team member.

As an MBA graduate, I constantly focus on growing my leadership skills in order to make the work environment more effective and efficient. With my MBA, I hope to add value by providing a well-round approach to every day issues, and utilizing critical thinking and reasoning to improve business functions as well as team member satisfaction.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling and visiting local businesses.

To learn more about me, please watch my video below.