Why I Dressed Up as the Easter Bunny at Work

Happy Easter weekend everyone! I hope it is filled with coloring eggs, delicious food and the Easter Bunny! Speaking of bunnies, I had the great opportunity on Friday to dress up as the Easter Bunny at work.

Then with senior leadership in tow, we went from department to department celebrating the holiday with our employees by giving out small prizes and Easter eggs. I hope it sounds as fun and funny to you as it was to us.

FullSizeRWhy would hopping in a bunny suit be the priority of my day? Because it made people
laugh, smile and hopefully it made their day better even if just for a few moments. Humor has many benefits, and I hope that I got to spread just a little bit of it at work.  Also, this is part of our culture at work and every leader on property does things like this.

While I believe wholeheartedly in the power of hello, I also believe in the power of a smile and laughter. There is a lot of serious business that happens at work, and that’s why these moments of sheer hilarity make they day a little easier.

Leaders should be focused on creating genuine moments of employee connection because it makes people feel better. Leaders have a direct ability to affect people in the work place, so if they are willing to have a little fun and spread a smile, it won’t only be good for the employees, but also the customer base.

However, there is a lot of research out there that shows we should smile less at work.  Based on the research, smilers are seen as more naïve and trusting. I think we can smile, be a little silly and show positivity at work while backing up our confidence, intelligence and work-ethic levels through our actions.

By dressing up as a bunny, I proved I don’t take myself too seriously and that I genuinely want everyone to have the best day possible at work. I think by celebrating holidays and increasing recognition, team members will be able to have fun, which is critical to customer service.

If a business wants to spread positivity throughout an organization, it has to be willing to let loose every once in an awhile.  While dressing up like a bunny may not be everyone’s favorite thing, each leader needs to find a way to be genuine and engaging with limited embarrassment or uncomfortable feelings.

Senior leaders especially can prove that employees come first by taking the time to chat with everyone as frequently as possible, send humorous e-mails or do something that shows their human side. The leaders set the pulse for an organization, so if laughter and positivity is desired, then they have find out what makes employees laugh and do it.

Is your business all work and no play? How do you encourage fun at work? Let me know in the comment section below.